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We have lost faith in our elected leaders. It is more important now than ever to elect people to local offices who understand we have to take care of our business at home. Carl Gates lives in the D-11 District of North Milwaukee. This is where he owns a home and runs a small business. Carl has worked in financial services for many years. He has a degree in Political Science and Business Administration. As a single father of 3, now grown children, Carl knows the struggle that comes with health crises, job loss, and the lack of access to good education. Carl has focused his life to understanding and helping people through substance abuse and family crises that affect the quality of life we all deserve. 


This is why Carl’s slogan is We The People. We are all in this neighborhood together and we need a representative in Madison that listens to us and takes our concerns and interests to the State House on our behalf. It is more important than ever that we hold our state and local leaders and administrators accountable. This is why Carl Gates is running for State Assembly in District 11. He wants to be accountable to you, the residents, his neighbors, the business and community leaders, and help you as you work together for the benefit of this community. Vote for Carl Gates in the Primary on August 11th. Elect a neighbor to represent your cause in Madison. Every vote counts.


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We The People



Phone: 414-617-8812

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